Inception Social

Your social media hub. Connect and engage with your
audience, and improve your fan experience.
A complete social media management solution for media and entertainment applications.

Have a Conversation

Interact with your online community to publish text, image, and video content for social media that builds audience engagement. Through the powerful discovery and curation tools built into Inception, you are able to find content from social media and utilize this content directly into your productions via a simple drag and drop interface. Filters and an approval workflow give you the peace of mind that timely and appropriate user generated content will be used on the air. Interactive polls can be used to connect your audience and push their votes to your on-air graphics in real time.

Content Discovery and Social Media Feeds

Give your audience a voice, and discover great content for your productions. Inception provides a rich set of search and discovery tools for social media content, enabling quick searches and keyword monitoring. When combined with geo-targeted filters, social media becomes an excellent source of relevant, locally created content.

Social Media Management

To moderate and manage your social media accounts, Inception offers a rich set of publishing and approval tools. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Brightcove, and others, Inception is capable of delivering tailored text, image, and video content to multiple platforms at the click of a button, with optional approval and sign-off of content based on workflow rules.

Curation and Social Media Playlists

Inception provides the tools to curate inbound social media content, importing text and images into playlists for use in production graphics, websites, digital signage, and any other application that you can dream up. Inception helps protect you from inappropriate content making it to air by providing a comprehensive and customizable set of blacklisted word filters that are applied against all inbound and outbound content.

Social Media Polling and User Engagement

Social media polling is a great way to engage your audience. Ask your audience a question and track the responses. Or more simply, sample the entire Twitterverse for the popularity of specific topics, keywords, and hash tags. Inception’s social media polling engine enables users to create a series of hash tag or keyword buckets with tallied results. These results can then be pulled into on-air graphics for real-time updates integrated right into your production.