A complete story-centric newsroom with social media built into the core, and a MOS-connected ecosystem.


Engage with your audience and integrate social media into your production.


Live event management system to plan and organize your game day experience.

Make Social Media a Priority

Moderate and manage your social media accounts, all editions of Inception offer a rich set of publishing and approval tools. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Brightcove, and others, Inception is capable of delivering tailored text, image, and video content to multiple platforms at the click of a button, with optional approval and sign-off of content based on workflow rules.

Engage Your Audience

Inception provides the tools to curate inbound social “media content, importing text and images into playlists for use in production graphics, websites, digital signage, and any other application that you can dream up. Inception
helps protect you from inappropriate content making it to air by providing a comprehensive and customizable set of blacklisted word filters that are applied against all inbound and outbound content.

A Complete Newsroom in the Cloud News is a complete, multi-platform newsroom computer system in the cloud. As a media organization you cannot effectively operate as an island, and neither should your newsroom system. To enable streamlined production workflows for many environments, Inception provides extensive integration with plug-ins for graphics, video servers, media asset management, teleprompters, and automated production control systems from Ross Video and many third parties, through a secure, encrypted link back to your broadcast facility.

An Idea-Centric Workflow

Every story starts with an idea. As an idea evolves over time, so must the story. With an idea-centric workflow, traditional stories are grouped into assignments, showing both an evolution of the story, but also a central place to store contacts, documents, and research materials for later reference. With Inception you can capture the evolution of an idea to a story, and keep stories on the same topic together and linked during the production process all the way to archive.

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