Inception Live

Manage your in-game experience, real-time production grid,
and captivate your audience from one interface.
For live events, Inception is tailored to be a perfect blend of audience engagement through social media
and a powerful set of production management tools.

Organize Your Game Day Experience

Plan and organize your game day or live event lineup in a clear, collaborative interface, and respond to real-time changes as they happen. Tailor your production grids to your venue requirements, manage and track sponsorships, and time out your events to the second.

Social Media on the Big Screen

Inception provides the tools to curate inbound social “media content, importing text and images into playlists for use in your production. Powerful search tools and a simple drag and drop interface allow your in-game team to discover fan content and drop it into a moderated queue, which will automatically transcode any video content to the required formats. Get your fan content on the big screen and make your fans an even bigger part of the production.

Game Day and Live Event Production Grid

Preparing a game day line-up for production is a routine task for producers and directors. Inception allows users to tailor and customize this display to their preferences. Enter game day information, sponsorships, timing, and your entire event line-up in a collaborative grid-based environment that can be seen by anyone with access to the Inception environment. Last minute changes are reflected instantaneously for everyone in the line-up, and the optional playout option will follow you through the production and help keep you on-time.

Communication is Key

Converse in both one-on-one and group chats directly within the game day environment. Invite users into a conversation; download the conversation history, and share photos and documents. Better yet, Inception’s messaging system is linked to content, allowing users working on a production line-up or playlist to easily communicate with anyone else working on that content. Notifications for new messages and conversations appear clearly in the Inception main user interface, alongside any other high priority alerts.

Connected Ecosystem

The MOS protocol is the industry standard method for connecting and communicating between broadcast devices and systems. Inception is a highly connected system with a robust MOS interface to enable communication between many first and third party devices. Create, populate, and proof sponsorship graphics from within the production planning and game day environment.